XVIII CICOM – Communicating Climate Change: from Global Agenda to Media Representation

Call for papers para a Conferência Internacional de Comunicação. Nesta edição o tema geral é “Comunicar a mudança climática”. Veja os detalhes:

XVIII CICOM International Conference of Communication, Pamplona, November 7th-8th 2013

Communicating Climate Change: from Global Agenda to Media Representation

School of Communication, University of Navarra

Climate change (CC) has become one of the main challenges that the global village is facing today. Scientists have reached a significant agreement about the origins and magnitude of this process, whose consequences are already evident in many points all over the planet. However, research shows that there is a deficit of media coverage and information on CC and that its quality and effectiveness is not always suitable.

Among the factors that influence this information deficiency, it should be pointed out, among others, the intense politicization that CC treatment has undergone and the complexity of communicating the sciences involved in its study. These processes are influenced by guidelines and values regularly used in the exercise of, which occasionally struggle with scientific rigor of information and may become a burden for message effectiveness.

The XXVIII International Conference of Communication CICOM which will take place in Pamplona, Spain, November 7 & 8, 2013, will focus on the different aspects regarding the interaction between journalism and communication on environmental issues in general, and more particularly, on climate change.

The thematic areas proposed are the following:

– Social representation of environment and CC

– Environment, CC and media

– Journalism guidelines and values on the treatment of environmental information

– Source treatment and approach to environmental information

– Information interest on environmental issues versus scientific rigor

– Images and icons of environment and CC

Paper proposals should be submitted no later than June 15th 2013 by email to the Conference’s address: cicom@unav.es.

Maximum length for the abstract will be 700 words including keywords. Accepted abstract will be contacted by July 15th 2013.

For further information about CICOM program and related events check up at: website: http://www.unav.edu/web/facultad-de-comunicacion/cicom-eng

You are kindly welcome to share this information with potentially interested colleagues and academic partners.


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